If you’re reading this page, it's likely you're ready to make healthy changes in your life, your relationship, or both. Fortify Counseling Services will work closely with you to determine your goals for counseling from the outset, tailoring the most effective treatment plan to help you achieve them.

Feel like you need couple therapy but your partner won't commit? Individual sessions provide an opportunity for clients to explore life changes independently.

Some examples of common problems explored in individual therapy about relationship issues could include:  experiencing feelings of alienation/isolation in your current relationship, a recent or imminent divorce, or discord when attempting to co-parent with a former partner.


Gaining insight about, and addressing the challenges you face in new, healthier ways can change your perspective immeasurably. Everyone can benefit from personal growth. There’s value in an increased understanding of why we do the things we do, why we cope how we cope, and thinking about the things we think.

If you're in need of affordable counseling services in the Austin area, let Fortify Counseling Services partner with you to remove the obstacles standing between you and the life you desire.


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