strength in numbers

There are some long-standing and well-known benefits to group counseling which have been identified in the academic literature and proven in practice. Some of these benefits include:

  1. People often repeat in group the way they interact with others in their everyday life. Being in a safe place where patterns of behavior which are beneficial, or harmful, to you and your relationships can be brought to your attention is a valuable part of group therapy. Having the chance to practice new ways of thinking and behaving in a non-judgmental environment, facilitated by a licensed therapist, can accelerate positive change. Members agree to provide feedback in a positive and supportive manner.

  2. Often, we feel isolated and alone in our problems. We may feel too ashamed and embarrassed to reach out for help. Being part of a group helps you understand you are not somehow weird or strange in your experience. There are many others who can relate to the challenges you and your partner are facing. Groups can be a wonderful source of validation and affirmation.

  3. You decide how much you want to participate. Self-disclosure is a key part of group therapy and plays a part in determining how much you take away from your experience. A benefit of group therapy however, is that if a certain day or topic has left you feeling uncomfortable participating, listening to and learning from the experiences of others can still be helpful. Is the group discussion applicable to you? Do you have something of value to offer the speaker?


Meetings take place once a week, are 90 minute sessions, for a 6 week period.  
Groups form regularly!

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